Candy & Green - Rebel
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Candy & Green

Candy & Green Candy & Green Candy & Green
Brand Design, Concept & Creative Direction, Guest Experience, Interior Architecture, Menu Development, Training & Coaching

The name Candy & Green was born from a desire to communicate a sense of place and community for the project, whilst driving home the clean living, wholesome lifestyle that the client wished the concept to embody.


At the early brainstorming stages, a duality emerged that saw the good-for-you elements of the concept sit next to more rewarding, indulgent elements such as the cocktail programme and some of the more hearty dishes. This same ethos follows through to all elements of the project including the design, the service, the overall experience and the way that guests will use the venue.


The menu is presented in the style of a tabloid newspaper, printed in ‘editions’ to represent its evolving nature and the fact that the venue will host a variety of events shortly after launching, as well as presenting other things going on in the neighbourhood.


The programme features everything from rooftop sunrise yoga and pilates classes to wine tastings and food masterclasses, cementing it as an integral part of the South Bombay community.


Our drinks programme centres on seasonal cold press juices, smoothies and health drinks complimented by a concise list of house cocktails made from 100% fresh ingredients. In addition to the relationships we helped form with suppliers, a 700 sq foot roof garden and roof-top living walls mean that many of the herbs used in the kitchen and behind the bar are grown in-house.