Camm & Hooper - Rebel
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Camm & Hooper

Culture, Guest Experience, Menu Development, Training & Coaching

Camm & Hooper own and operate a growing collection of unique events venues, bars and restaurants across London.


We worked with the founder and her senior management team over six months to create and implement a strategy to elevate their events experience through a revised food proposition that was both appealing to clients and more efficient and cost effective, and an improved guest experience centring on an updated events planning process with a focus on bespoke creative planning alongside a selection of refined, off the shelf solutions.


We then worked extensively on the employee experience driven by defining and bringing alive a stronger company culture. We worked collaboratively with both the senior management team and junior teams through a set of high energy workshops.


The results were a new set of company manuals that included detailing the new company mission, brand pillars and values, and a company induction programme including the production of a video that brings the aspirations and venues alive to everyone who joins the team.