Our People - Rebel
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folk that

rebel together,

excel together.

Who are we?

Our creative team works to bring together all the ingredients for a successful project. Whilst our strategy team work to transform businesses through change management, learning and development.

Edward Francis
Founder & Creative Director

Ed founded Rebel in 2015 and loves nothing more than dreaming up unique and exciting restaurant and bar concepts, and making sense of opportunities by working closely with clients and their teams, leading on strategy and development. As long as the end result is a great guest experience, happy teams, awesome food and drink and fabulous design, then he’s right at home.

Caitlin Caprio
Caitlin Capiro
Art Director

Cait knows the restaurant and bar scene like nobody else. Cait is our creative development lead and works closely with Ed throughout the concept and development process, before creating brand identities for our projects.

Such is her sense of aesthetic, that nothing leaves the office without her approval.

Marc van den Berg
Marc van den Berg
Strategy & Senior Development

Marc’s background is in change management and senior leadership development across a variety of sectors including hospitality, finance and legal.

Marc leads our strategic consultancy projects and sees perfectly the broader scope of a project and its objectives, whilst being meticulously focused on the smaller details.

Monica Hanlo
Monica Hanlo
Project Producer

Monica has recently graduated from Hotelschool The Hague with a bachelors in Hospitality and Business Administration which included internships at hotels and creative agencies in Hong Kong and Mexico.

Monica supports with the production of all our projects and ensures that the team stays right on track.

Ben Masterton Smith
Architectural Interior Design

Ben is our favourite architectural designer and has worked on a wide variety of restaurant, bar and hotel projects both in London and internationally.

He excels at navigating complex and challenging projects from inception to completion and is a key member of our development and delivery team.

Ahmed Akasha
Ahmed Akasha
Graphic & Web Design

Ahmed is an experienced, talented art director and graphic designer. He works with his creative collective at D237 to turn our concepts and brands into great websites and beautiful printed and digital collateral.

Daniel Webb
Daniel Webb
Research & Feasibility

Dan leads on project feasibility and works across research, strategy and analysis to ensure that we have the complete picture when it comes to understanding the markets in which our concepts and projects have to compete in. He also keeps a keen eye on relevant current and emerging industry and consumer trends, and when he’s not busy with all this, is on a crusade to reduce the use of plastics via his @everydayplastic instagram campaign.

Katharine Piotrowski
Katharine Piotrowski
Coaching & Personal Development

Kat’s background is in hospitality management with groups including Soho House and ETM ltd. in addition to working in sales and business development at Jing Tea.

Kat is a qualified coach and an experienced management trainer and works closely with Marc to make sure that our strategic thinking translates to measurable outcomes.

Join Us

We’re always looking for talented people and small, passionate businesses to add to our roster. If you want to chat about becoming a rebel then please get in touch.